About Us

The Stylish Fit brand collection is here! Stylish Fit, Swimwear and Fitness wear is a unique line with, great designs, sass, perfect  fit  and unique appeal.

Stylish Fit is widely recognized by their spectacular designs and avant-garde fabrics. characterized for dressing women that do not want to go by unnoticed in their everyday life. It’s playful concepts, colors and happiness, have made StylishFit a highly buzzed-about brand.

StylishFit combines laser cut technology with the colored complexity of its handicrafts, all on very basic molds. Textures are apparent in their collections reflecting the color and variety of textures present in StylishFit swimsuits, cover ups, beach wear and fitness wear and the upcoming accessories line.

Our collections are inspired from the sensual and colorful beaches of Brazil, Colombia and the Caribbean  with beautiful designs including handmade details making a unique piece impossible to ignore.